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Wadena County Commissioners: To consolidate or not to consolidate?

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on October 5.

Northern Shop Consolidation Discussion

Ryan Odden, county coordinator and engineer, explained at the July strategic planning meeting the board discussed what it would look like to combine highway shops. The facility would cost about $2.5 million and it would be ideal to be located around Sebeka by County Roads 23 and 12.

The current shops are aging and trucks continue to get bigger and they have to take the front blade off to store the trucks.

They currently have shops located in Menagha, Sebeka and Nimrod in the northern part of the county and Verndale and the Wadena shop. The northern shops have a total of six bays. The new design includes 12 including a wash bay. . .



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