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In Focus

Well, the new year has begun and all that has changed for me is remembering to write nine instead of eight.

To me it feels like this year is off to a rough start. We’re buried in snow and ice. It’s probably the most snow I’ve seen in a while. Also, it wasn’t pleasant trying to dig all of the Christmas decorations out of the snow. All of the holiday decor inside has been taken down and packed away. Now my house feels dark and empty.

The government is still partially shut down, which doesn’t seem to affect some people, but it has and eventually will hit home for others. National parks are filling up with garbage. There has already been a death because help wasn’t readily available due to the shut down. Our tax returns probably won’t come in a timely manner as most of the IRS is laid off. Even the SNAP program is going to suffer and I fear that food shelves will take a major hit and won’t be able to keep up with the demand. Please consider donating to your local food shelf! It makes me wonder what will be affected next.

I just feel like the onset of 2019 has been a little difficult. I sure hope it improves with time...

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