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The Ongoing Saga of a Girl and Her Scale

As I mentioned in yesterday's post—Calling All Losers—our annual Be A Loser With Karin weight loss contest is quickly approaching. We are currently finalizing the dates and getting everything in place for the contest and your chance to not only lose weight, but to earn some cash, too!

I will post more information here as the details are set.

One thing which I am planning to do is to hold a class where we can talk about weight loss things. While attendance is not mandatory, I would like it if as many as possible would attend. We will be meeting one day a week and will be reviewing the book, Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever by Pete Thomas, the most successful contestant from The Biggest Loser television show.

As I may have mentioned in my print edition of this column by the same name, you can also learn more about weight loss and diabetes on my blog at: I have a link on that site where you can purchase the book I mentioned above for a low cost.

Continue to watch this blog and our print edition of the Independent News Herald for more information about the contest!

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