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In Focus

Thanks again Mother Nature for letting us know that you are angry and can cripple most of the country when you strike with a vengeance.

Like most of you, my car failed to start on Wednesday and Thursday thanks to the horrific cold we had. On Wednesday, my car started after a few seconds on a charger. On Thursday, it refused. I tried jump starting it with my mom’s car and that didn’t work. I ended up borrowing my neighbor’s charger and several hours later it still refused to turn over. After another jump start attempt, it finally kicked over. This weather is seriously ridiculous. My dog even refused to go outside. I can’t say that I blame her.

I know it’s been this cold before, but this doesn’t happen often or for this long! It’s been 20 plus years since we’ve had such record lows. And forecasters are predicting another cold blast next week. I am ready for warmer temps!

The jokes online have been priceless: “Marked safe from polar vortex,” “I survived the 2019 Polar Vortex,” “Minnesota is closed,” “At least there’s no mosquitoes,” and numerous law enforcement agencies begged people to not commit crime because it is just too cold. One department even arrested Elsa. I feel for farmers and emergency personnel that have to be out in this crap weather. My little brother in Ohio had some difficulty comprehending how cold it was here, asking my stepmother, “Will I die if I go outside?” Well, he’s not wrong. It could happen. This state was colder than Siberia, Alaska and Antarctica!

One news station made a good point. They showed a side by side of our -57 degree weather, compared to last summer’s heat index of 115 degrees. It simply said “pick one.” So, either freeze to death or melt. How do you choose? You can’t go outside in either event. Both could have the same ramifications such as skin damage, A/C or furnace malfunctions. Sure, you could add more layers if it’s cold but there is only so many layers to take off when it’s hot. You’re still miserable either way.

Is this a precursor of how our summer will be? Do you think it will be a hot, muggy, severe weather year or cooler than normal? It’s hard to say until it happens. I just want a nice night for a bonfire.

The weather in this state goes from one extreme to the next. It’s a good thing this state is so scenic and the people are friendly, otherwise I’d think less people would live here.

Here’s to surviving winter!

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