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Just loving this weather

Aren't you just loving the weather over the past few weeks? I mean, between the extreme low temps and the inches upon inches of snow, we've had a winter reminiscent of childhood winters.

I remember one winter when it was cold and snowy, so snowy, in fact, that we couldn't get out of our driveway for about a week. The snow was easily three to five feet deep with the drifts that were hard enough to walk on (but not hard enough to drive on!).

I loved it when we had a snow day—a day off from school. Since I've been a working individual I've only had a few days that were actual "snow days."

I remember when I worked in the Twin Cities in 1991 (if memory serves me correctly) and we had a HUGE snow storm on Halloween. I drove through several inches of snow to get home. Then, the person who was covering the afternoon shift informed me that she could not and would not stay overnight at the group home we worked at.

As it was still snowing, I bundled up tight and managed to get to the residence after about two hours for the normally 15 minute trip! Ugh! That day really cemented my dislike for winter!

Thankfully, we haven't had a big amount of snowfall like that—all at one time anyway! This year's snowfall amounts will give our more recent winters a run for their money as far as setting records! I am not so sure I want my state to be known for its cold weather and snowfall amounts, though.

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