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In Focus

It’s officially summer! But it’s almost July and it feels like it is going by way too fast. I wish summer lasted as long as winter did.

I’m glad we can finally enjoy the outdoors, go to town festivals and county fairs. What I like even more than that is garage sales.

While I don’t get to many of them, my mom gets to a few. Since we both share the obsession for decorating for Halloween and Christmas we tend to find many of these things at garage sales and thrift stores. At one garage sale in Eagle Bend we nearly cleared out all of their Christmas stuff. We are definitely heading toward full “Grizwald” decorating.

Just over the past few weekends we have carted more items to the basement. All the decorations have their own room, behind a door and free of the cats. Now I need to look for shelving. The totes are full and bags are overflowing. I’m just thankful for the space to store these items and the room to decorate!

I am on two missions this year. I need a white Christmas tree. I have three green ones, one black (yes black because I also use it for Halloween), and a ceramic one. I figured if I am going to go tree crazy, I will need a white one. And not a little one either. I’m talking six foot plus. It would be hard to turn away a pink one if I so happen to find one. I am also stocking up on lights. We are making about 25 mini trees for the yard and they will all need lights.

Yeah, I may be crazy for talking about Christmas decorations in the summer after the brutal winter we just had. But I like my lights and I love decorating.

I am also picking up more solar lights for the yard. Because they are neat and don’t require an outlet.

I love lights. But my favorite ones right now are the flickering of a bonfire, fire flies and tiki torches. Happy summer!

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