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Cat Tales

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cat Tales!

I have been working on this for a while. Thank you everyone for telling me how much you enjoy my cat (and dog) stories. I know not everyone is a fan, so I designed this title so people will know that it will be an animal related story. My In Focus will be based on non-animal editorials.

Those are the real cats in the header above. They are, from the left, Pumpkin, Mocha, Bigfoot, Latté, Yeti, Candy’s tail, Oreo’s tail and glaring eyeball.

For our first Cat Tales! story....

We recently decided to wax all of the hardwood floors. This required moving furniture from one side of the room to the other and deep cleaning the floors. Oreo has had a few accidents in her old age and had left some stains on the floor. I had been removing the stains with hydrogen peroxide which bleaches wood. To fix the bleached areas, I used coffee to restain the spots to match it to the rest of the floor. It’s not great, but it looks way better than it did!

Six cats and a dog watched every move, wondering what was going on. After the first coat of wax, we had to let it dry before applying another coat. Well, it didn’t take long for the animals to get inquisitive of the substance and want to check it out.

Pepper, the dog, was the first to walk across the wet floor, leaving paw prints in the wax. After another coat was applied to cover that up, Oreo followed suit and walked across the floor. This happened a few times before I sat there with a broom to guard the wet floor from the animals. I would get distracted shooing one cat away when another would sneak by. It made the process a lot harder.

Several hours later, all the hardwood was waxed and the rooms were put back together. Every so often I catch a glimpse of a little kitty paw in the wax. Oh well, at least the floors look great!

Want more kitty content? We started an Instagram page! You can follow us at trinscattales.

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