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A Matter of Perspective

Warning...rant forthcoming...

Why do we allow politicians to put politics before the health of the very people who elect them to office?

I heard on the news on Tuesday morning that attempts to put some legislation into action in regard to vaping is being halted because it might alienate voters.


Who cares if it alienates voters? (Other than the ones who are vaping and/or don't want or care if it is regulated.) Shouldn't the welfare of everyone—including the vapors—be given an ounce of protection by regulating a relatively unregulated product?

Talks of regulating vaping and the products associated with it is not something new. Talks have been going on for quite some time. But now I have heard that some politicians—who shall remain nameless because I am not here to start a war, at least not on which politician is for or against stricter regulationsÅ\are withdrawing or not working on bills related to vaping because it "might alienate voters!"

This is ridiculous! We all know that inhaling things—even air with its many pollutants—is dangerous and can cause lasting effects on your health and life.

But really, we don't have anyone to blame for the vaping "crises" except ourselves.

For years and years we complained about how bad cigarettes were, not just for the smoker, but for everyone around them.

We complained and eventually the cigarette companies listened.

They started making electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. They started adding flavors (other than just menthol). They began to market them to not only the tried and true smokers, but to an entire hoard of new generation smokers.

According to, the Chinese invented the e-cig.

My educated assumption is that once United States manufacturers saw how lucrative the e-cig business was, they began to design and manufacture their own. There are some strict regulations for the manufacturers of the actual e-cig device, but not so much for what you put in to smoke or vape.

But this editorial isn't to talk about who is making them or why. It is to talk about how messed up politics are.

When we put the number of votes received over the number of lives that could be potentially saved, then something bigger is going on here.

It's greed. Greed isn't just about money. These politicians are filled with greed for votes, for power, for notoriety. It is costing us more than we can ever imagine when "we the people" allow politics to rule and put the lives of people second.

I am sure the talks for further e-cig and "juice" regulations will continue after the elections next year, but how many people have to vape unregulated stuff, potentially get sick and even die before politics takes a back seat and compassionate care for people takes the driver's seat again?

End of rant...



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