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A Matter of Perspective

I have an addiction...

I may have written about this before and some of you who know me well probably know all about it.

This addiction keeps me up late into the night. Sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of the night. It keeps my attention all day long.

I’m not addicted to a chemical substance, although I do believe that the addiction creates a chemical release in my brain which then keeps me addicted.

I am addicted to something that doesn’t cost a lot of money and it doesn’t really “hurt” anyone. It does, however, take up a lot of my time—time that could be better spent doing other more useful things.

The addiction is to video games! I can play for hours. I can play the same game over and over and over or switch to a different one in the middle of playing another. There have been times when I was playing two different games—one on my phone and another on my PS3 or Wii or the same time!

I am sure there is a lot of the younger generation who are able to do this, but at 56 years old...well, let’s just say that multitasking is not my strong suit.

But when it comes to games, I can multitask. I can do several things while I am playing more than one game at a time. Except for paying attention to anything!

I am still working on this addiction—trying to get rid of it or at least lessen it.

I find that when I spend more time reading, I spend less time playing but it doesn’t help that most of the reading I do is on my Kindle. Which is on my phone. Which is where the games are...

Do you have an addiction to video games? Perhaps we could start a support group or network... We could meet on Zoom and share screens and show the “dangerous” level we are on...

Gamers will understand...



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