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A Matter of Perspective

I have another confession to make...

I have written exactly 50 words on my manuscript since the beginning of this month...

I’m not ashamed of this fact. Considering the month I’ve been having I feel like 50 words is a great accomplishment.

I may wish it was 500 or 5000 or even the goal of 50,000, but it isn’t. It is 50 words.

So why am I currently okay with 50 measly little words?

Because those 50 words could be life-changing for someone.

Yes, alone, those 50 words on a page mean very little but combined with another 50 words and another 50 and another, those 50 insignificant words could be the start of something new for someone.

Those 50 words could create an avalanche of movement for the person who reads them. It could...

But I have to realize that alone, without the other words of the book, those 50 words will have a hard time standing alone.

It is kind of like people. Some people (50 words) can stand alone. They are strong and virtuous and stand alone. At least in the public’s eyes, they do.

Most of the strongest people I know have at least one other person who supports them—who stands by them in the storms.

Words, like people, need each other.

There are strong words like “love,” “hate,” “kill,” and others that can theoretically stand alone, but even those words—without context—would have a hard time being alone and fully understood.

Likewise, people—even if they are strong and brave—need other people to help them stand tall. To keep them strong. To help give them meaning and perspective.

Those 50 words are important, true. Individual people are important, too. But together, with others, we all stand taller and can do and accomplish more.

Let’s work together and start strong this week. It could make all the difference in the world.



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