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A Matter of Perspective

As is usual for me, I had no idea what I was going to write about this week until yesterday (Sunday). Oh, trust me, with the big storm that rolled through the area on Thursday, May 12, I could have had plenty to write about. I could have written about the trees that were uprooted in my yard and landed on my house. I could have written about being without power until Sunday night at about 9 p.m.

I could have written about all the woes that this storm has caused.

But instead, I decided to write about the helpful, caring people we have encountered since Thursday.

We didn’t know what to do when the storm struck. Katrina’s daughter came over and helped immediately. No questions asked. Just drove over to help us.

People prayed. Jasmine, my granddaughter, prayed as we headed to the basement just seconds before we felt the first tree hit the house.

We had friends from church praying. Katrina was on the phone before she even was in the basement asking them to pray.

Even though we have a lot of damage to the house, we are safe. We didn’t even receive a scratch. Thankfully!

We had friends come over and offer help. I had family call and offer useful advice and money if I needed it for a place to stay or anything else.

It really doesn’t matter what the storm did in terms of damage because it helped tie us closer to friends and family in the meantime and that is more important. Things can be replaced. People cannot be.

I am grateful for the love and kindness we have been shown through all of this.


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