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A Matter of Perspective

It’s another new year. With each new year, we make plans/goals/resolutions. I wrote an article all about this that you can read in the January edition of the Todd-Wadena Courier. I just want to say that plans are good but action is better!

Without action, plans are just words. While words are important and necessary, action is vital for success.

The big question is: Are you ready to take action?

Being ready to take action is different than saying you are ready.

But taking action is better than both.

Sometimes we have to hesitate before we take action, that is a given. If you are planning to hike around the United States, you will probably need to take some steps before you can just go off walking down the road.

But if you plan/resolve to read a book a month—start reading!

Sometimes it makes sense to get all your proverbial “ducks in a row” before taking on a new plan.

I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from taking their time to work on their goals/resolutions/plans, BUT don’t have an unlimited time frame to get these things done. Have a deadline. Make sure you are working toward a due date.

If you plan to read 12 books in a year, you probably should start now, not in December!

If you plan to hike around the United States, give yourself a little time to plan for where you will stay when you stop for the day. Do you have enough money? What will you eat? Clothing? There are a lot more things to think about and actually prepare to do the hike than to read the books.

But don’t let the planning part keep you from taking ACTION.

I think ACTION can be thought of like this:







What does that mean? That we are acting on “purpose” and making our personal stories bigger!

What are you ready to do?



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