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A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes life can be hard. It feels like we do everything we can to make it a good thing, but it seems like there are just as many people out there trying to make it worse.

Every day we read about murders—many of them mass murders (meaning more than one person is killed). Today I was reading about a suicide bomber that killed 45 people and injured over a hundred more.

It’s enough to make a person want to shrivel up and hide in a hole.

But we aren’t called to do that. We are called to make the world a better place. We are called to be brave and to stand against evil.

Let’s face it, the world is becoming increasingly evil and it feels like evil is prevailing.

But you have to remember there is still good. Sometimes it is just harder to see. We have to look through the film of despair that sometimes covers our own eyes. We have to make things good in our own part of the world.

I wrote two stories this week that talk about some of that good. One was the upcoming splash pad in Eagle Bend. What a great idea that Sharon Milbrett brought home from her vacation and what a wonderful way to bring people some joy!

The other was about Jamie Dreher who is an auto mechanic in Browerville. What a nice man and so honest!

There are so many good people out there right in our own neighborhoods! Don’t let the evil of the world and of some people overwhelm you. There is still good in this place that we call home for now.

Think about what you can do this week to make your own little piece of the world a better place...


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