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A Matter of Perspective

I hurt my eye. I don’t know what caused it. It was all red and swollen. I went to the doctor because it was so swollen. I went twice and they couldn’t find anything wrong. No scratches, nothing in the eye—just pain, itching, and swelling.

I found out a few things about eyes while I was basically without one of them for a couple of weeks.

1. Our eyes work together to give us the whole picture. When you only have one, things get distorted and don’t look the same.

2. When you are trying to see through an eye that is swollen and blurry you do not see things clearly.

3. Seeking professional services is okay.

4. Taking medicine to help it heal is okay.

5. Don’t take vision for granted.

Of these, I think the fifth observation is the most important.

We so often take things for granted. When things are going great or going “our way” it is so easy to forget about being grateful for those things.

When things start to go wrong or blow up in our faces, it is so easy to point a finger and place blame on why they went wrong.

Why is it so hard to remain grateful for the many things that don’t go wrong?

My eye is getting better. It still isn’t 100% back to where it was, but I am grateful that I can see through it, albeit a bit on the blurry side. I am grateful that I can see.


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