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A Matter of Perspective

I want to sell you an ad...

It isn’t just because that is a part of my job, either.

I want to sell you an ad because you have something that people want.

The problem is—people don’t know that you have it unless you tell them about it.

Sure, you can tell them about it on social media or on the radio but they might not see it or hear it.

I have nothing against advertising with other media. I enjoy them, also. The problem is I don’t spend a lot of time on social media and I mostly listen to the radio when I am driving.

The other day I heard an ad on the radio. As it became more and more interesting, I wanted to connect with the company. The problem is, I have a very poor memory. As interesting as that ad was, I can’t even tell you what it was about. I couldn’t have told you what it was about after about 10 minutes and two more ads had played along with a long-forgotten Christopher Cross song.

I follow a lot of people and pages on social media. Did you know that the more people and pages you follow the less likely it is that I will actually see something that you are sharing? It’s true. Unless you happen to fall within the top 25 people or pages that I follow, I probably will never see what you are offering.

I want to sell you an ad because in the newspaper, that ad sticks around. I might not read the paper today, but I will probably browse through it and if something catches my eye, I will look at it.

I won’t have to fight to see that ad come to the top. I won’t have to try to remember what the ad said. I won’t have to because I can simply pick up the newspaper and look at it again and have all the information I need at my fingertips.

I want to sell you an ad because even if you don’t have something I want, you might have something my neighbor or friend needs.

I want to sell you an ad because I believe that we can create an ad that will draw attention to you and your business. It will draw attention to your services or products and it will bring customers to your door.

Without advertising, would you know that this newspaper creates beautiful designs and puts them on articles of clothing for you to wear?

Sure, eventually you would catch wind of it, but it was more than likely our ad that first drew your attention to that service we offer.

I want to sell you an ad, but I also want you to know that it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you have to tell me no. I understand if you’re going through a tough time and advertising appears to be another expense you can’t afford. I understand living with a budget.

I hope you won’t avoid me if you see me on the street or if I call or send an email. Really, I am not a scary person!

But I do want to sell you an ad because I believe in advertising and I know that it works. And contrary to some opinions, I believe that newspaper advertising is the best way a business can reinvest in itself.

Remember, advertising doesn’t cost, it pays.

Call me at 218-640-3791 and let’s get your ad working for you—TODAY!

I might even be able to get a good deal for you...


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