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A Matter of Perspective

The COVID-15

If you are new to the phrase “The COVID-15” then let me enlighten you.

The COVID-15 is in reference to the 15 pound average that people have gained since the beginning of the lockdown.

The COVID-15 is a real thing and sadly, I have to admit that I am a victim of it.

As of this morning, I have gained 13.4 pounds.

I know I am not alone, or there wouldn’t be such a thing. But I am not happy about it. Neither is my body or the type 2 diabetes from which I suffer.

My morning fasting blood sugar tests have been averaging 340. Not good since it should be 80 at the lowest to 130 (for me from my healthcare team) at the highest.

There really isn’t a lot of good about COVID-19 and this is one more thing.

But are there any “good” things about COVID-19?

Well, I have thought of a few. Here are the ones I have come up with.

1. It has forced us to spend more time with family.

2. It has caused many people to re-evaluate their priorities.

3. It has saved some people money because they don’t go out shopping and driving around as much.

4. It temporarily drove down gas prices. (I noticed today that those prices at the pump are slowly inching their way back up.)

5. It has made people think more creatively on how they will celebrate events.

Well, these may not be the most spectacular things, but they certainly do help handle being shut in.

It’s been hard to think of positive things, but we can always try.

In other news:

• I had a thought today. In Stephen King’s book The Stand, the “good” guys moved to Boulder, Colorado after the disease did it’s worst. I was thinking of finding out if Boulder has had a recent increase in its population!

• I guess I am not alone in having weird dreams during this time period. On the news last night they said a lot of people have been dreaming of natural disasters and bugs. They said it was the brain’s way of making sense of the pandemic and all our mixed emotions and thoughts about it.

Well, I usually have a tornado dream at least once a month, so I wonder what my brain is trying to sort out the rest of the year?



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