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A Matter of Perspective

Has winter finally arrived now that it is officially spring?

Maybe, but I really don’t want to talk about that today. I mean, everyone is talking about it, so why beat the proverbial dead horse to death any longer!

I do have to admit, it was kind of exciting to see the snow. And my granddaughter is extra excited because she gets a day off from school.

I still get to work even if I do it from home.

Speaking of home, things are finally starting to pick up a little as I have been getting my house in order. It has been slow going since we had that tornado a couple of years ago. For one, we waited so long for our house to get fixed up and when it finally did, I discovered a truth that many of you may have discovered at one time or another—I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! 

I am guessing that if any of my ancestors saw all the stuff I have, they would have deemed me rich because I have so much stuff.

But let me tell you something about stuff...most of it is no good junk! When am I going to hang 20 or 30 oddly disconnected paintings on my walls? I could maybe hang a couple or maybe even one per room, but what would I do with the other 10-20?

I have about 40 bottles of shampoos and conditioners. I probably have enough to last me until I am completely bald!

Speaking of bald, I have also noticed that my hair is getting thinner and thinner. Lately, it seems like I have more hair on my clothes than on my head! 

I am not overly worried about it, though, because there are wigs and I am not completely opposed to wearing them if it comes to that point.

Part of the hair loss is hereditary, but another part is because of the type 2 diabetes that I struggle with.

I have been struggling lately with higher than I should have blood sugars. But since I have no insurance now, the medications are very expensive. I thought maybe the legislation signed by Governor Walz would help out, but apparently the insulin that I take is not part of the less expensive insulin that was covered in that legislation. And the weekly injection that I take? Well, let’s just say that I no longer take it due to the cost of approximately $880 per month.

I looked on Good RX and it appears that the Lantus can be obtained through the company with a coupon for $35 per month. I will probably research that further as I really don’t want to get parts of me amputated or start having organs shut down and some of the other “fun” complications of this disease.

Speaking of diseases, the fact that Princess Kate Middleton has said she has been diagnosed with cancer shows that these deadly diseases do not respect age, family, wealth or status. I am actually “happy” that all the rumors were put to rest and it was not one of the crazy conspiracy theories that have been floating about. I wish her the best with her treatments and hope and feel a certainty that she will use her experience for the good of humankind.

I have restarted my diabetes website. I hope that I can use my experiences for the good of people everywhere, too, although I do think that Middleton’s influence will go a lot further than mine! 

We all have roles to play on this stage of life and with hope, we each will do our best with the parts we are given.


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