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A Matter of Perspective

I’ve been reading this book titled, 1123 Hard to Believe Facts. There are some very interesting facts in the book. Some I have found truly hilarious. Others I have found to be shocking. But all of them I have found to be interesting.

Here are a few that I found to be very odd:

1. In France, a pill is available that supposedly makes your farts smell like roses and chocolate.

In my opinion, that would probably make both smells far less appealing!

2. In the state of Massachusetts, a 36-year-old woman drowned in a busy swimming pool with six lifeguards on duty. Nobody noticed her floating body for two full days.

That is one of those “what the?” moments. No one noticed a dead woman in a pool for two days? Was the pool open 24 hours a day? Was it busy for 24 hours a day? A lot of questions on that one for sure!

3. Worldwide, more people have cell phones than access to toilets.


4. In the USA, there are currently more overweight people than people with a healthy body weight.

Yikes. We knew this was true, but to read it...

5. Lemmings, in fact, do not commit suicide by jumping off cliffs. A Disney documentary movie is responsible for propagating this myth.

Hmmmm... And I thought everything that came from Disney was true.

6. Pepsi stated officially that a mouse would be completely dissolved if soaked in the soft drink Mountain Dew for a month.

A new diet plan for humans?

7. A recent study suggests that people who like bitter-tasting foods have a higher chance of developing sadistic traits.

8. Cows are deadlier than sharks.

At first I had a hard time imagining this, but then I thought of the hundreds of kittens flattened by our cows when they laid down and didn’t know the kittens were there in the bedding beneath them...or did they?

9. Corn Flakes were invented as part of Kellogg’s health regimen to prevent masturbation.

I just can’t seem to get a “handle” on that one.

10. Drinking over 1.5 gallons of water can kill you.

11. In the USA, vending machines kill more people than sharks do.

Cows and vending machines...who knew?

12. In 2014, more people died while trying to take a selfie than in shark-related accidents.

I am beginning to think that sharks might make good pets...

13. Carrots are good for your eyes. (This one is deliberate disinformation. During World War II, the British military spread the rumor that carrots improved their pilots’ night vision, thus concealing from the Germans use of radar. They fooled pretty much everybody.)

See mom, I told you that was an old-wives tale (or in this case, an old British military tale!).

14. A cat parasite has been proven to provoke mental illness in their owners.

So that explains it...

Well, I hope you enjoyed this interesting bit of trivial knowledge and that your day is enriched for it.



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