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A Matter of Perspective

Many of you have said that you liked the “interesting” trivia that I shared last week in my column, so consulting the book, 1123 Hard to Believe Facts again, I have come up with another list for you to peruse and enjoy!

1. Chewing gum, yoga and poorly-made dental fillings make you flatulent.

So that explains it! (I think they need that pill that’s available in France that makes your farts smell like roses and chocolates!)

2. One of the most frequent regrets of those on their deathbed is: “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”

My granddaughter was crying the other day because I work all the time and never have time to spend with her. That nearly broke my heart. I don’t want this to be the epitaph on my gravestone or my deathbed regret.

3. “Goodbye” originates from “God bye,” which came from “God be with you.”

4. If the speed of evolution of Intel microprocessors (since 1971) had been applied to cars, in early 2016 one car would have cost five cents and would have traveled faster than light.

I’ll take two, please.

5. When flying from Tokyo, Japan, to Hawaii, you can arrive the day before you departed.

Time travelers, take note!

6. Long ago, the phrase “mad as a hatter” was used literally. Hatters used mercury in their work, which made them go insane.

7. Tracy, Hilary and Shirley used to be boys’ names.

Shirley (Surely) you jest...

8. The inventor of the electric chair was a dentist by profession.

9. The guillotine was named after a French doctor. His descendants changed their family name out of shame.

10. Listerine mouthwash was initially sold as a floor-cleaning substance.

11. Doing your favorite activity temporarily boosts your IQ.

12. Since 1958, half a billion hula hoops have been sold worldwide.

Hmmm.... it just goes around and around and around and....

13. Ninety percent of people think that when they use humor in e-mails, the recipient will understand. According to studies, only 56% of recipients actually get the joke.

I thought I was being funny...

14. After withdrawal of lead-containing fuel from the market, the lead in our blood dropped by 80%.

I feel so much lighter...

15. You cannot touch anything—the electrons in your hand and those in the object will maintain a tiny distance between themselves.

See, I told you I didn’t touch anything...

16. Armpits have less sweat glands than feet.

Well, that stinks.

I hope you enjoyed these interesting tidbits of trivia.



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