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A Matter of Perspective

I’ve been “roughing it” for the past two weeks. We’ve been helping out family, visiting family, and staying in the camper that we just got.

Don’t get me wrong, I like camping (except for the bugs), but I am pretty sure that doing it for two weeks at a time and trying to work and maintain some semblance of normalcy is not the idea that they had when they created campers.

I think campers were created for leisure use, not for “living in,” although there are some people that do live in campers year-round.

I would much prefer to be in my camper and not have to work, but that just isn’t possible.

One thing about COVID-19 that I have liked (if there is something to be liked about it) is that I can work from home or from anywhere. Not that I really minded going into the office, I much prefer my house, or in this case, my camper.

I have taken to calling my camper “The Portable Writing Lab.”

The biggest problem I have with the camper is that I have no WiFi. I’ve been using my personal hot spot on my phone. It works great—or rather it “worked” great. I blew through the 15 GB of high-speed hot spot on Monday! Well, I had been using it on and off throughout the week, so it wasn’t all on Monday, but a good chunk of it was.

Now I can get speeds up to 600 kbps. Let me tell you what that means—basically no Internet!

But I did find out something interesting. I have 15 GB of personal high-speed hot spot on each individual device. So I still have another 15 GB on our other cell phone and on my tablet! With that, I figure I can work out in the portable writing lab almost all month!

Now if I could just get the bed out here to be more comfortable!

Actually, this has been very nice and I’m not going to complain about it too much. I haven’t camped it quite a few years so this has been kind of a “blast from the past” for me.

I used to enjoy going camping with my parents on occasion and almost every summer with my grandparents at Itasca State Park. I used to be an expert at crossing the Mississippi headwater stones!

Sometimes I miss being a kid and being able to do things like go camping and not have to worry about anything.

Being an adult is hard sometimes...

I’m not whining, I’m just saying. Maybe retirement will afford me at least some of the freedoms I had as a kid...

Hmmm...I only have to wait eight more years...

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