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A Matter of Perspective

It’s a new year. Time for setting those annual resolutions/goals.

I’m setting SMART goals this year. You can check out the article in the January 2021 edition of the Todd-Wadena Courier for more information about this.

While setting your resolutions/goals this year, what are your priorities? I heard a news report that many people are setting time with family and friends as priorities. That sounds healthy.

I am working on my SMART goals today. I plan to set five of them with a range from my career to family.

I also did something today that I have procrastinated on for a long time—I set up a Kindle bookseller account. That means I can now sell the books I write on Kindle and make a little money. I am excited to try this out and see what comes of it.

Setting up the account was part of a larger goal, that of making money selling books. There are a lot of ways to do this. I am opting for the digital or Kindle versions only at this time. I may delve into print editions at some point, but for now, Kindle it is.

You can check out my personal website,, to see what books I am working on and get exclusive insights into the content of the books as well as discount pricing.

I may be considered weird or strange, but I actually liked a lot of things about 2020. While there was a lot to NOT like, I did my best to make the best of the lemons and enjoyed a lot of lemonade!

I am hopeful for 2021. I hope everyone can make the best of the hand we are dealt with this new year and be grateful for what we do have.

I like to also be grateful for what I DO NOT have which includes a lot of things like excessive pain and suffering. That includes physical, emotional, and mental.

There are a lot of people who are truly suffering and I hope that if you are reading this that you will just hang on and reach out for help. I can’t guarantee that tomorrow will be better, but I can tell you that it could be. If you do something irreversible, you will never know what tomorrow or the next day or the day after will bring.

I’m not going to lie, it could be worse, but I believe in holding out the hope that it will be better!

I think that 2021 will include a lot of that: holding out the hope that it will be better!

I know it will for me.


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