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A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes we learn things about ourselves that we didn’t know before. It doesn’t matter how old we are it seems. We can always learn something about ourselves.

I knew that I was a judgemental person. I didn’t know how judgemental I was, though.

I remember a few years ago I had a dream. The dream was about a Muslim woman who came to the church I was attending.

The moment she walked in—tentative, fearful and alone—people began to talk about her in whispers behind their hands. She went to a pew and sat down and the whispering continued.

It was at this point that I stood up and pointed to the empty cross at the front of the church. I said, “It is a good thing Jesus is no longer on the cross because we are so busy nailing people to it that there wouldn’t be room for Him!”

I thought at the time that the dream was meant for other people.

But now, years later, I am beginning to realize that the dream was meant for me.

I was shocked when this realization came over me. Or did it overcome me? Either way, the truth was there. I was not just judgemental, I was extremely judgemental and it needed to stop!

I wasn’t necessarily judging a Muslim woman, but I was judging Muslims overall. I was judging people from that part of the world no matter what country they were from.

I was also judging men and women and even children. I was questioning their integrity when it should have been my own that I was judging.

As part of my new year’s goals this coming year, I intend to work on being less judgemental. I hope to stop putting thoughts—good or bad—into what I assume other people think.

Perhaps I will start to look at my thoughts and realize that what I think isn’t always right; what I believe is not always the truth.

In a way, being less judgemental would be a form of gratitude because I would be thinking more about other people in a positive way.

Sometimes when we realize that we are a part of the problem, we can turn things around and become a part of the solution...



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