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A Matter of Perspective

It’s been quite a year. While there have been big things that have happened globally, in my small world, the most significant thing was losing my mom.

I know I have talked about this many times since she passed away on September 29 but it was one of the biggest losses I’ve had.

I’ll be going on about my work and then suddenly I will think, “I should call Mom.”

I know that with time these wounds will heal but sometimes I feel angry that she left. Didn’t she know that I still needed her?

I understand that this is one of the stages (being angry) but I feel really bad when I have those angry thoughts.

One of my “resolutions” this year is to work on some of the things I talked about in my last column. One of those issues is anger.

As you may recall if you have read my columns before, I do not make resolutions. I make goals. I make S.M.A.R.T. goals. You know, ones that are measurable and attainable and realistic?

Well, some of my goals are not very realistic and being a big procrastinator doesn’t help me reach the ones that are realistic.

Maybe my goals this year should be to set realistic goals and to get out of my head and achieve them!

I have yet to finish the book I have been writing. So many things I want to do but...

One thing I know I should get rid of is my “but.” I have a lot of “buts” that stop me from achieving my goals.

You know, “I would do that but...”

Well, I guess I should get to setting some goals this week but . . .



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