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Active burn barrels cause of grass fire

On Wednesday, June 9, at approximately 11:56 a.m., the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a grass fire in Section 17 of Aldrich Township, just north of Verndale.

Upon arrival, there appeared to be a large portion of the lawn to the north and east of the residence that was burning.

The Verndale Fire Department was on scene and the MN DNR arrived shortly thereafter.

Northeast of the residence were three burn barrels that were active and clearly the cause of the grass fire. The fire spread north throughout the property and continued to the north of the fence line.

On the scene were outbuildings that sustained no damage along with no injuries reported.

The property owner did admit to lighting the burn barrels, not realizing it would spread.

Verndale Fire Department personnel battled the grass fire until approximately 12:40 p.m. before it was extinguished.


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