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Another Todd County lake has water problems

by Karin L. Nauber

Too much water...

That is a problem for Long Lake in Todd County.

The lake is roughly about five feet above the high water line. When the ice came off of it this past spring it rose another seven inches.

The commissioners learned about this problem from Megan Jacobs representing Long Lake Association located near Sauk Lake.

Jacobs gave a presentation during the commissioner’s July 5 work session meeting.

Jacobs said that the lake has no invasive species and would be a good candidate for moving water from Long Lake to Sauk Lake.

According to Jacobs, the residents on Long Lake pitched in their own money for a feasibility study with Widseth.

They determined that a northwest route to pipe the water slowly through underground piping to Sauk Lake would work best to get it down to the historic water level that was set in 1996. . .



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