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Astera Health holds grand opening

Astera Health’s grand opening was held on March 18. The next week will be spent moving the remaining items in from the Tri-County campus and preparing for


by Trinity Gruenberg

Years of planning, delays, construction, and frustration have resulted in the grand opening of the new Astera Health hospital in Wadena coming to fruition on March 18.

The ceremony began with the local Boy Scouts raising the American, Minnesota, and an Astera flag outside.

Joel Beiswenger, president, and CEO took the stage and reviewed the history of the local hospital. It all begin with the Wesley Hospital in 1925, created by the Methodist Church, and then the new hospital was built across Highway 71 in 1974 and was renamed Tri-County Hospital later which was later re-branded as Tri-County Health Care.

“We stand here today 49 years and two months later,” said Beiswenger. “Bringing across the combination of almost nine years worth of work and effort of planning, building, and mobilizing thousands and thousands of hours of work for the staff. Terms that come to mind that got us here: creativity, passion, intelligence, stress, courage, especially courage, a few sleepless nights, oh, and one COVID delay, but today we celebrate. . ."


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