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Bertha Fire Department responds to two businesses with ceiling fires

The Bertha Fire Department was called to two commercial ceiling fires on Monday, February 1 during their monthly fire meeting. The first call came in at 5:39 p.m. with a reported fire at Darrin Eggert’s shop at 215 County Road 24. A fire began in the attic, stemming from an electrical wire inside a conduit. The fire department was on scene for one hour and the flare-up was quickly extinguished with minimal damage. The second fire was called in at 8:39 p.m., located at 215 Second Avenue Northwest, the Hydraulic Doctor’s shop. Renters upstairs reported smoke coming into their apartment. The fire was located in the ceiling between the rafters in the shop and it was venting into the apartment. The cause was suspected to be from a tractor muffler. The fire was quickly extinguished with minimal damage. They were on the scene for one hour.


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