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Brooke Goddard raised over $16,000 to support children battling cancer

by Trinity Gruenberg

Five years ago, Brooke Goddard, 12, of Verndale began participating in the Pinky Swear Foundation triathlon.

The foundation was created as a promise, a pinky swear, between Steve Chepokas and his son Mitch, 9, before Mitch passed away from cancer in 2002. The promise was to continue to help children with cancer and their families by providing immediate needs support and unique family programs.

Mitch’s sister, Melissa, married a friend of Brooke’s mom, Ashley, and would frequently visit them. Mitch and Melissa’s parents, who started the Pinky Swear Foundation, asked if Brooke would be interested in participating. She did without hesitation.

Goddard began participating when she was in second grade. The first triathlon she competed in was at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. It was pouring rain and she ran a mile, biked several miles, and swam 200 yards.

“I’m not quitting,” she told her mother that day, and “It was fun, too.”

The event consists of running, biking, and swimming. She enjoys bike riding the most. . .


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