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Browerville School Board: Task force assembles to review options and get answers

by Karin L. Nauber

The Browerville School Board met twice last week—once on Monday, July 31 and once on Tuesday, August 1—to review plans and get input on the rebuilding of the high school gym project.

The Monday meeting was a meeting of the board and included reviewing a couple of the options of the rebuilding project—specifically 4a and 4b.

These two options are scaled down versions of several other options including the one that was included in a survey that had gone out in June.

At the Monday meeting, teacher and coach Mary Irsfeld talked about the need for a place for her players to run. She said she would guarantee the walking track would be used.

Superintendent Scott Vedbraaten spoke both nights about the need for the athletes to run. He said they run outside and they run in the hallways at school which is dangerous not only for the athletes, but for the others in the hallway. . .



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