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Car crashes into apartment in Eagle Bend

by Trinity Gruenberg

On June 19, at 9:56 a.m., an accident was reported in the city of Eagle Bend as a car had driven into an apartment building at the Greenleaf Apartments.

Marcella Jean Motl Johnson, 90, had driven into the apartment of Marlys Lynn Frederiksen.

Jason Schilling, who resides in the apartments, heard the accident as it took place.

Schilling is friends with Frederiksen. She recently picked Schilling up from the hospital after a surgery and he frequently watches her great-grandson.

“She has been sewing diligently for Bertha Days,” he said.

On the day of the accident, Schilling heard a loud “boom” and at first thought it was from the construction of the grain bins nearby. He ventured outside of the building to check. As he turned around to go back inside, he saw a car sticking out of his friend’s apartment. He grabbed the key to Frederiksen’s apartment and stepped inside, thinking the worst.

Schilling called 911, and immediately called Frederiksen, who didn’t answer. . .



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