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Cat Tales

“Latté, shut up!”

That phrase is being shouted most nights now. Latté, the Calico cat, has always been the chatty type. She will meow at you for little or no reason, meows while you pet her, sometimes she meows in her sleep.

She really loves toys. It is impossible to play with one cat without her jumping into the mix. Latté will play to the point she will pant, and keep going. She also loves to carry toys around the house. This is where the issue begins.

The cats, and dog, got a stocking full of new toys for Christmas. They range from balls with bells in them, stuffed mice, little pillows and things on a string. Each cat found something they liked to bat around the house, carry, kick, or drop in the water bowl.

Latté likes to wait until the house is dark and quiet before she finds a toy she likes and will carry it around the house while howling at it. I have tried to pick up toys at night, but she manages to find ones that I missed and begin her late night howling session around the house.

Sometimes she will give it a rest after a few minutes, other times it’s off and on all night. I usually have to yell at her several times before she comes to my room, still meowing, and will settle down for some attention and finally go to sleep.

Latté has also learned this tactic is useful in the mornings when I usually get up to feed them. The minute I start moving and the alarm clock goes off, the cats are usually on me or near the bed purring and meowing, led by Latté, because they want their morning food.

I have no idea why Latté thinks she needs to howl at her toys all of a sudden. I just hope it stops soon. My sleep and sanity depends on it!



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