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Cat Tales

The tiny terrorists continue their mission to irritate me.

My kittens, Sassy and Peanut, the three-month-olds, and Salem, the six-month-old, continue to find new and interesting ways to annoy me.

They have taken to the succulents in my office and like to yank them out of the pot and play with them. Why? I have no idea. I find the plants, stuff them back in the soil and hope for the best. My poor plants have been getting so thinned out.

Sassy has decided her new favorite toys are my hair ties. I usually keep them in a drawer or hanging on the mirror out of their reach, but somehow she finds them and destroys them. Every time she is caught she just flops over and purrs, using her cuteness to get to me.

Peanut is into everything. Every time the fridge door or a cupboard door opens, she is somehow right there and climbing in going after the food.

We’ve had to change our routine when we bring in groceries. Almost anything food-related, but especially meat, has to quickly be put away as they will grab it and try to eat it or run off with it.

Salem is just an instigator. He always plays with the kittens and still loves to harass King. To him, everything is a toy. I have to watch any cords on hoodies because he will attack them, regardless if I’m in the way or not. His new favorite thing is to use my leg to stretch and dig his claws in like I’m a walking scratching post. He also loves fake flowers, in particular my flower arrangement above the stairwell. Somehow he gets a hold of a piece, yanks it out and destroys it. I’m afraid to hang up my fake wisteria again because I know he will just go after it. He also thinks my headboard is a scratching post, especially when I’m sleeping. The water bottle doesn’t seem to phase him either.

At least the kittens are starting to get better around food when we’re cooking or eating. They are learning not to get on the table and to leave our plates alone, but certain foods still seem to drive them crazy, especially beef.

They all love to walk in front of me or sit on my feet. I don’t know why they have such a foot fetish. It’s a little hard to get around in the morning with these vultures circling my feet as I walk to their food bowls. And they love to walk all over the furniture in my bedroom and knock stuff over, especially if I try to sleep in.

At the end of the day, they are still cute and love to cuddle. They’re getting big and can’t all fit on my lap at the same time anymore. I know it’s a phase of them growing up and learning, I just wish the three of them didn’t wrestle in my bedroom at 3 a.m. Even the other cats are annoyed by that. King hissed at them the other night, Salem flopped on the floor and the other two slowly slunk away. King curled back up into a ball and went to sleep. It was hilarious to watch.

It’s been so long since a kitten was in the house, let alone three, I forget how much work they can be. At least they have each other to harass so I am not attacked constantly and used as a chew toy.

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