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Cat Tales

The “Tiny Terrorists” are growing up fast.

Cat sisters Peanut and Sassy are quite the duo, and Salem, who is a few months older, likes to remind everyone he is there.

Peanut, the torbie, loves to play and cuddle. She is often sitting on the sink in the bathroom meowing at me every time I am in there. Especially when she wants food. She is still counter surfing and doesn’t seem to care how often she is thrown off. She will just jump back up until she gets what she wants. She will often just lay in the middle of the kitchen floor waiting for a tidbit of food.

Sassy, the tortie, is living up to her name. She is way worse than Peanut when you try to get her to do something. Tortie-tude is a real thing and she does not give a crap if you tell her to stop. She loves my hair ties and has learned to open a drawer in my room where I keep some of them. She also will just push off of the little container I have in the bathroom to get my hair ties. She is aggressively affectionate and will rub and purr whenever you’re around. She is her own obstacle course, and still flops on the floor in front of us.

These two are my basement dwellers. When they are done being social and want to nap, they often retreat to the basement. It’s cool and dark and they love it. Whether it’s on a pillow they claimed for themselves or a pile of laundry waiting to be washed, it’s all fair game to them. Especially if there are items on the drying rack, they will hop up there and sleep on them. They have loud purrs, especially Sassy.

Salem is my little “soft boy”, because he is so soft and loves affection. He even likes to be held and carried around. What cat likes this? He is the type of cat that purrs the minute you see him and it is loud. He is very playful and trills at just about anything that moves or makes a noise. He still loves to wrestle King, but has decided all the cats are fair game, whether they like it or not. He will chase Mocha around my room, pin Latte in the bathroom and harass Pumpkin in my office. Yeti is pretty much the only cat he doesn’t bother.

And, of course, they are still getting into everything and are super inquisitive. Decorating for Halloween has been quite interesting with the cats around. I haven’t put up the tree yet, but if it’s anything like last Christmas, they will be looking to climb it. Sigh. They will learn, but Sassy won’t give a crap.

The trio has also picked up on the weird thing the other cats like to do. When it’s raining, they all go outside into the kennel and get soaked. Cats liking water? I may never understand their obsession with rain, but whatever—it’s great when they curl up on my bed and they’re wet—not!


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