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Cat Tales

It never fails. Our reputation as crazy cat ladies at our house gets us called when help is needed.

A friend of ours who drives a semi was about to head off to work for a few days when he found two tiny kittens in his driveway. He didn’t know what to do, so he called us for help with them, at least until he got back.

Of course, we couldn’t say no.

Around 11 p.m., he showed up with two very loud kittens in a box. They were very tiny and their eyes looked like they had just opened.

We didn’t have any kitten formula in the house, and we hoped they would take to the wet food. Thankfully, they did. They did need a little help finding the food in front of them. They were chewing on the plate, and as I picked one up to steer it toward the food, it chomped on my finger. They were very, very hungry.

We fed them small spoonfuls at a time. It took them about half an hour to eat. The other cats were definitely suspicious of these two loud furballs.

One of the kittens is a tortie, and the other looks like a tabby with some tortie spots. Our friend is calling them Poncho and Lefty. I couldn’t tell you which one is which.

They stayed with mom during the night and I woke up several times to their loud meows. I couldn’t believe how loud they were. Mom didn’t get much sleep. They liked to cuddle with her and the dog for heat.

The next morning, everyone came to the kitchen for breakfast. The cats were checking out the baby kittens and scared them. The kitties hissed, spit and swatted at the cats. It was hilarious to watch, but I couldn’t blame them. Some of the cats were so offended they didn’t eat their food. Our kitten Salem looked like a giant compared to those two little things. He didn’t know what to make of them.

My guess is these two are just about a month old. They love to follow Pepper the dog around, as well as us. They are definitely in need of constant care and have no clue what the litter box is. So that part is real fun.

It will be a few weeks before they gain their independence and can fend for themselves.

I guess that means we have two foster kittens, along with our six cats and a dog.

Let the fun begin...


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