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College in High School

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

by Trinity Gruenberg

High school curriculums continue to change and progress with academics, the way classes are taught and earning college credits. Revisions have been made through the years.

Over the past several years, more students are taking college level classes in high school, online or even at a college campus to prepare for college while saving money in the process. Some ambitious students even earn a degree before finishing high school.

There are mainly two ways high schoolers earn college credits: College in Schools (CIS) also known as Concurrent Enrollment courses (CE) or Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO).

CIS classes are taken in the high school and taught by the high school teacher. The credit is earned through completion of the course. PSEO classes are taught by college professors online or at the college campus.

The availability of CIS classes depends on the teacher having a Master’s Degree in that field.

“The difference between CIS and PSEO is a common frustration with parents wanting their children to get college credits. The main thing that parents should know is that any high school student can take CIS classes in their high school as long as they meet requirements. Students have to be a junior in order to take PSEO classes online or on campus at colleges,” explained Bertha-Hewitt School Counselor Courtney Roatch. . . .



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