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Coming together to help a farmer

Bruce Richter, who lives just west of Verndale, is home recovering from triple bypass surgery, leaving him unable to prep the fields and do spring planting. Friends and family arrived in New Holland tractors to get the farm work done and plow the land to plant oats. The tractor drivers included two sons, Chris who farms with them; and Adam, who took vacation to come home to help; Bruce’s brother Tim, nephew Paul, nephew Tom, cousin Jerry and Bruce’s grandson Nik. Another cousin, Gary, came and helped harvest the corn last week and returned to get the cornstalk bales off the fields along with another cousin, Terry. The cornstalks were baled by Adam and Nik. The Richter’s daughter, Mandy, milks the cows twice a day plus is a para at the Verndale School. Their granddaughter Morgan helps with chores in the evening. Their grandson Nik helps with the milking and then works all day long in the fields and does his homework at night. Bruce is doing well. He gets short of breath and one leg is very swollen where a long length of vein was removed. “It was a weight lifted as we wondered how we were going to get it done,” said Karyl Richter, Bruce’s wife. “We have had so many farmers call and say if you do this again, please call, we will come help.” The Richters appreciate the helping hand and generosity shown to them.



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