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Cupid Crew brings valentines to The Meadows

Vione Ament attracted a group to share some stories and to visit and learn more about each other.

According to a leader in the senior space, AARP, one in five Americans 65 and older struggle with social isolation. They have also discovered how isolation is remarkably complex, manifesting itself in numerous ways and being directly correlated with numerous health complications such as depression and decreased quality of life.

Our seniors need our help.

We need to help.

We want to help.

We know what we need to do to help.

Kennedy Gravelle chatted with Alvida Browne about family and living in the area.

Seven years ago, Wish of a Lifetime— a non-profit organization that grants wishes to senior citizens nationwide—attempted to decrease that isolation, if only for one day. Cupid Crew was formed, a movement that empowers volunteers to deliver roses to seniors, spreading love and awareness on February 14 about the trials and tribulations of living in isolation. . . .



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