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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, February 20, 1947

•The Verndale Creamery Association will hold their 42nd annual creamery meeting on Saturday, February 22, this week, in the Verndale Village Hall. The Verndale Creamery did a total gross business of over $420,000 in 1946. A more complete report of the Verndale creamery for 1946 will appear in The Sun next week.

•The Mantoux test will be given next Monday, February 24 at these two centers at the following time that same day. Aldrich Public School at 10 a.m. Read tests given on Thursday, February 27 at 1 p.m. at the same center. Verndale Public Schools at 1 p.m. Read tests are given on Thursday, February 27 at 2 p.m. at this center. All who come in to take this test should be sure to return for their readings as the test is useless unless they have them read.

•If anyone thinks the rivalry between Bertha and Verndale has died down in any recent years, they should have been completely convinced that it hasn’t if they were at the games here Friday night. For Bertha was here 150 or should we say 200, strong Friday night to even the score with Verndale for handing them a doubleheader defeat on their on floor December 19. Verndale came out at the top with 64 points to Bertha’s 59.

40 Years Ago, February 25, 1982

•One of the doors of Jeff’s Super Market was boarded up last week Wednesday after Terry Perius’ pickup sought a warmer climate. Terry was shopping for groceries when the truck apparently slipped into gear and advanced of its own accord across the sidewalk and into the door, shattering the glass. Although ice covered everything last Wednesday making it difficult to get about without ice skates, it was not considered a contributing factor in the accident.

•Tim Waisanen has completed his basic Air Force training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and has been assigned to Chaunte Air Force Base near Rantoul, Illinois. He will be trained to be an avionics instrument-systems specialist. Tim is the son of Doris Waisanen and the late Einard Waisanen of Verndale. Tim graduated from Verndale High School in 1978.

•Darvel Allred of Ontario, CA, one of the four sixth grade teachers who developed Simutown, was in Verndale Tuesday to follow up on progress in this, the first school in the state of Minnesota, to initiate the study. He is shown applying for a loan at the bank in Olsonville. Allread is now project director for Project Match, part of the National Diffusion Network which develops quality programs and presents them to states throughout the nation.

15 Years Ago, February 21, 2007

•On Friday, February 16, the DNR released 15 hens and three Jakes back into the wild just northeast of Verndale on Rob and Phylis Umland’s land. The wild turkeys were captured near Austin, MN, and then brought up here to release. This area has an almost non-existent wild turkey population, so the DNR and National Wild Turkey Federation have joined forces to help populate wild turkeys through the state.

•The season for the BHV wrestling team came to an end in the first round of the Section 7A team competition. The Wolverines of Wadena-Deer Creek and the Raiders had split during the regular season contests, but the Wolverines lineup was just too tough for the Raiders this time and they fell victim by a 54-25 score.

•The Verndale Public School’s annual science fair was held on February 7 and 8 in the media center. The first-place winners in each category were: Chand Anderson, fourth-grade experiment; Jeremy Engebretson, fourth-grade research; Jordan Youngbauer, fifth-grade research; Josie Schmitz, fifth-grade experiment; Sara Bain-Richter, sixth-grade research; Teresa Moenkedick, sixth-grade experiment and grand champion.



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