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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, February 17, 1949

• Palmer Stromme of Verndale, who resides on a farm two and a half miles east of Blue Grass, has a Guernsey cow with the perfect figure “7” on its forehead. The cow carries the very appropriate name of “Seven-up”. Oscar Backlund, now a retired farmer who lives at the east edge of Verndale, sold the farm to Mr. Stromme about a year ago. It will be remembered by many that a cartoon of the cow mentioned above appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune several weeks ago.

• The local Boy Scout officers entertained a group of businessmen at an “Early Bird” breakfast Saturday morning at Lynch’s Cafe. The purpose of the breakfast get-together was to discuss and make plans for a solicitation of funds for the local Boy Scout troop.

• Wadena County citizens gave $1900 to the 1949 March of Dimes campaign, it was reported this week by Ted Anderson of Wadena, who served as county chairman for the sponsoring organization, the Wadena Lions Club. Total contributions will go over the $1900 mark, the chairman said, because Wadena County will get credit for local gifts to the Cedric Adams’ “Flight of Dollars.”

40 Years Ago, February 15, 1984

• Crowns are being placed simultaneously on the new Snowcoming King and Queen Mike Cypher and Mary Lone during ceremonies in the school auditorium last Friday evening. Last year’s king and queen Chuck Goddard and Carmen Hosek did the honors.

• Two youngsters from Verndale placed in the Elks Free Throw Contest held for the Wadena area last Saturday in Wadena. Both Scott Seaton and Suzanne Shively had been among the local winners who advanced. On Saturday, Suzanne became the girls champion in the 10-11 age group with 15 of 25 shots completed. Scott placed second in the 12-13 age group with 16 of 25 shots.

• The Verndale Boy Scouts placed first in the Klondike Sled Race held last Saturday at McGivern Park at Staples, beating the Nevis team by a mere second. The boys built the sled themselves without the use of nails. Three are pictured, Mark Tiede, Scott Veronen and Mike Willis. They also placed first in the fire building and second in the rifle shoot.



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