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Dusting off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, May 5, 1949

• Saturday of this week promises many bargains and opportunities for everyone coming to Verndale. What with over $100 in prizes offered by merchants, plus many other bargains in merchandise, who can go wrong? Nearly all Verndale merchants and businessmen are co-operating in this event.

• Sup’t Gordon Bluhm reports the open house night at the Verndale Public Schools on Tuesday of this week as being a huge success. 226 adults registered during the evening as they passed through he school to inspect the room, and an estimated crowed of between 700 and 800 crowded the auditorium for the program. Entertainment for the evening included several number by the school band, style show by the Home Ec department which was one the of highlights of the evening; brief acts and songs by the elementary rooms; special songs by the triple trio group, exhibition by girls tumbling team.

• One of our rural subscribers reported to us Wednesday morning of this week about an unusual racket of gyp deal going through the rural area. The story in brief, is that, two or three men approach the farm home with two or three nice looking prizes to give the part, providing they sign up for $50 in merchandise. If they get one to sigh, they try to unload merchandise on to the party at a higher price than they can buy them at any store in town, and from what we ear they are inferior brands of goods. We also hear they talk pretty fast and at times get someone to sign for the $50 purchase before they can collect their wits.

40 Years Ago, May 2, 1984

• Frances Kasal, “the Minnesota man organizing a tax boycott” will conduct a public meeting at Wadena Junior High Cafeteria from 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8. All business owners are invited to attend while a special invitation is extended to all government officials elected and appointed included School Board Members. Because his farmer-neighbors were having money problems, Francis decided to organize a property tax boycott. Kasal, who is in the field-drainage business, isn’t hurting himself.

• Two tops members were honored at the Verndale chapter for having achieved their goals in weight loss. Carol Schmitz was crowed queen for having lost 21.5 pounds since January 24, and Donna Ven Evera is Verndale’s 1983 TOPS queen having lost 356 pounds.

• In addition to the skits by elementary grades this year, member of the elementary band will perform at the Arbor Day Program scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Friday, May 11. Fourth graders will also play their recorders. A representative of the Forestry Service from Nimrod will also speak.

15 Years Ago, May 14, 2009

• Once upon a time there were man beautiful girls and very handsome boys in a kingdom not so far away. It was a Cinderella Story theme for this year’s prom. After the Grand March Kelsey Booth and Shylo Moyer were crowned the 2009 Prom King and Queen.

• The Independent School District No. 818 School Board has approved hiring Justin Sperling, currently an elementary teacher in the district, as dean of students effective July 1. Jim Madsen has resigned as the superintendent, effective April 30. Paul Brownlow is now principal and superintendent.

• On Saturday, March 16, 2009, Armed Forces Day, Wadena County Highway 23 will be dedicated as a County Veterans Memorial Highway and a sign unveiled. This dedication is to honor the some 1200 veterans in Wadena County. The ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. in the village of Blue Grass, located on Highway 23, north of Verndale.



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