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Dusting Off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, October 25, 1945

•Local Chairman C. R. Peterson reported on Tuesday that Verndale was over its USO quota of $270, having raised $278 at that time. Mrs. F. E. King and Mrs. A. C. Johnson, the solicitors, are to be congratulated on their work.

•Warren Leslie Dalen, Pfc., USMC, of Verndale, served on the aircraft carrier, USS Cabot, which took a leading part in the battles that led to the defeat of Japan. The Cabot saw action in the Marshalls, at Truk, the Palaus, New Guinea in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, at Guam, Luzon, Lingayen Gulf, and Indo-China, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and raids on Tokyo and other Japanese homeland cities.

• According to reports from local hunters who hunted pheasants over the weekend, the birds are scarce. Hunting on Saturday, however, was reported to be fairly good, but reports for Sunday were that they were very sparse.

40 Years Ago, October 23, 1980

•The two youngest musicians who will participate in the Heartland Orchestra concerts this weekend are from Verndale. They are Devon Dougherty, violinist, and Ken Waisnen, master of the French horn. It was Dougherty’s interest and search for someone else with musical talents to accompany him to the try-outs that won spots with this group. The orchestra will give two performances this weekend in Little Falls and Brainerd. Featured on the program will be music by Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, and Copeland.

•Placing second recently in the Staples AVTI Road Rally were Pat Hoakanson, navigator, and Julie Carr, driver. They are pictured displaying the trophies awarded them (along with cash) for following directions, speed limits, etc., to complete the 49 mile prearranged route over all types of roads. There were events held for three divisions—for men, women, and mixed couples. Ninety vehicles were entered.

• Elementary students only had three days last week to watch their manners in the lunchroom, and both second-grade rooms received recognition all three days for good behavior. Representing their classmates in receiving the award were: Greg Johnson and David Horsager from Mrs. Hess’ room and Chris Horn and Brad Line from Mrs. Eddy’s room.

15 Years Ago, October 27, 2005

•The Wolverines came to town to play football against the Pirates and went home with a winning score of 33-6. The Wolverines dominated the first half of the game, scoring a touchdown in the first quarter with a four-yard run. The second quarter proved productive for Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley (CGB) as well with an 18-yard pass to Brent Pederson for a touchdown. The Pirates were able to block the kick for the extra point. CGB scored again in the second quarter with a seven-yard run with extra points from the pat run, bringing the score at the half to 21-0. Verndale was able to score in the third with a four-yard run by Jake Seaton with a failed pat pass. CGB was able to close the fourth quarter with two more touchdowns, ending the game with a score of 33-6.

•The Royal Neighbors of America hosted their annual Bingo party for area group homes at the Verndale Civic Center on October 13. Sixty-eight people from Staples, New York Mills, Bluffton, Wadena, Sebeka, and Verndale attended the evening’s festivities. Current members of the Royal Neighbors are Loreda Hinz, Ruth Weber, Irene Grewing, Mary Carr, MaDonna Desrocher, Patty Pilgrim, and Phyllis Fisher.

•The Verndale Senior Center celebrated their October birthdays on October 20. Celebrants included Frank Wolpert, Art Schanz, Russ Anderson, Clarence Horsager, Doris Wagner, Hilda Wutzke, Rich Brietling, Roger Anderson, Gerry Donnay, Margaret Miller, Eileen Roth, and Betty Seaton.



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