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Final beam placed for new hospital

by Trinity Gruenberg

A huge milestone was reached in the construction of the new Astera Health (Tri-County Health Care-TCHC) facility on December 20, as the final steel beam was installed in the framework of the 126,000 square foot facility.

President and CEO Joel Beiswenger explained the small beam was painted white and was kept inside TCHC’s main campus for a month prior to give staff, board members and physicians a chance to sign the beam.

On December 20, staff and board members were at the site to watch as the final structural support beam, adorned with an American Flag and a Christmas tree and approximately 300 signatures, was hoisted into the air and installed in the west end of the building in the future physical therapy/rehab area.

Most of the steel has been sprayed with foam, fireproof coating. Once the building is complete, the memorialized beam won’t be visible.

Despite the snow and sub-zero temperatures, the construction remains on track and is trending under budget. . .


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