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Fire and ambulance prepared for hunting season accidents

by Trinity Gruenberg

Hunters are preparing their guns and deer stands for deer hunting season. Members of the Bertha Ambulance, Bertha Fire Department and Hewitt Fire Department are also preparing and rescue hunters in distress if an accident were to occur.

Jory Danielson, of the Cross Lake Fire Department and trainer for Fire Instruction Rescue Education, educated the members of the local departments on the best way to extract hunters from a deer stand or if they were hanging from a harness.

Danielson explained harness-induced pathology, which is a hunter hanging from a harness for a long period of time.

“That can be deadly,” he noted.

Harnesses are designed to keep hunters safe and prevent them from falling out of their deer stands. But if the person should get stuck hanging from the harness they could lose consciousness in as little as 10 minutes. Also, they could possibly die as the harness could potentially cut off blood flow. . .



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