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Fire department steps in to unload food truck after driver was injured

Members of the Verndale Fire Department stepped in to unload the truck delivering food to the Verndale Area Food Shelf after the driver was injured, saving 2500 pounds of food.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Firemen are on the scene when fires roar, cars crash and medical calls come in.

The Verndale Fire Department went above and beyond for the Verndale Area Food Shelf when the foodshelf's truck driver was injured and unable to unload the food. They didn’t hesitate to lend a hand.

On January 2, at approximately 1:30 p.m., brought the monthly arrival of the food truck from North Central Food Bank to the Verndale Area Food Shelf.

The truck driver was using the lift gate to prepare to unload the goods when it fell and severely damaged his fingers.

Food Shelf Director Deb Nelson explained the lift didn’t descend all the way due to the snow pack. The driver reached underneath the gate to clear the snow when the lift slammed down on his hand, about the second knuckle in, damaging several fingers.

“It happened so fast. We heard him holler and thought he was mad because something happened with the truck. Then he started screaming for help,” said Nelson.

Nelson and Pastor Kenny Kjeldergaard rushed out to help. Kjeldergaard picked up the lift enough for the driver to pull his hand out. . . .



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