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Fitzherbert arrested for terrorizing Hewitt

Michael Allyn Fitzherbert, 23, of Browerville was arrested on March 22 in Hewitt for burglary and making threats.

According to court documents, in the early morning hours of March 22, the Todd County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) received a 911 call about a home invasion that had just occurred in Hewitt. A female resident chased a male suspect out of her home. There was a four-year-old child in the home at the time of the break-in.

Around the same time, the TCSO received a 911 call about another Hewitt resident describing an active struggle between an unknown man who had broken into the family’s truck and the complainant’s husband and son who pursued the suspect and momentarily detained the suspect.

Officers responded to Hewitt from all directions. . .


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