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Gadsden shoots at co-worker at Lund Boats

by Trinity Gruenberg

A 21-year-old male is in custody after firing a gun at a co-worker at Lund Boats in New York Mills on February 9.

David Jeremiah Gadsden of Henning was charged with: Assault-2nd Degree-Dangerous Weapon (Felony); Murder - 2nd Degree - With Intent-Not Premeditated (Felony); Carry/Possess Pistol w/out Permit - Public Place (Gross Misdemeanor); and Dangerous Weapons-Intentionally Point a Gun (Felony).

According to the criminal complaint, on February 9, at approximately 7:20 a.m., the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an active shooter at Lund Boats. Prior to law enforcement arriving, they were informed that employees of the plant had restrained the suspect.

A detective met with Jerrick Miller, 31, a resident of South Carolina, who was employed by the Strom Hiring Agency and has been working in the north part of the plant since November.

Miller explained he was working on a boat hull and had a question on how to complete his job and had asked Gadsden about this. Gadsden became angry and yelled at Miller. Miller turned away to ask another employee. Gadsden became angrier and more frustrated. After the employee answered Miller’s question, the employee asked Gadsden what was wrong.

Gadsden pulled a handgun out of his waistband and pointed it at Miller. Miller described the gun as a 9 mm. Gadsden moved the slide back and charged the gun and moved toward Miller.

Miller began to move away from Gadsden through the work area, and Gadsden followed. Miller pushed a cart in the pathway at Gadsden and moved toward the exit. During this time Gadsden fired at Miller. . .



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