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Gould serves as WSCA Ms. Horsemanship 2019-2021

Eliza Gould of Browerville and her horse, the late Fancy Free. Fancy Free passed away the day after Gould won her crown as WSCA Ms. Horsemanship 2019-2021.

by Karin L. Nauber

When an animal makes itself a part of your life, it can’t be undone nor would most of us want it to be.

For Eliza Gould that was especially true of her long-time companion—a horse named Fancy Free.

“My mare Fancy Free was my heart horse. I rescued Fancy from a local auction when she was two months old. She was starving and extremely sick. My mom didn’t have the heart to tell me that she didn’t think Fancy would make it through the next two weeks,” said Gould of her earliest memories of her horse.

But Fancy Free did live and a year later the duo was State Champions in 4-H Horse Training!

“Fancy and I went to State 4-H every year after that until we graduated out of the program with high marks! We ended our career with two State Championships, one 3rd placing, and two 4th placings.

“I’ve been told we are the first—and at this time—only 4-H Horse Project State Champions from Todd County,” said Gould.

Gould of rural Browerville has been involved with horses her entire life and has been showing for about 14 years.

“My mom used to be a high-level dressage trainer by The Cities before she moved back to Long Prairie. I compete in English and Western pleasure classes. I also run in the game classes like barrels, jumping figure 8, and pole weaving. I ride the game classes for fun and to change things up. I think it is important to do different things with your horses, it makes you a better rider,” she said. . .


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