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Green Island Art Camp is a great experience!

Creating a safe space for kids to learn art techniques while

enjoying nature

by Trinity Gruenberg

Creating a safe space for kids to make art outside was one of the goals for Maria Ervasti of Creative Cart Studio.

Creative Cart Studio began in 2019 and Ervasti, with a decade of being an art teacher under her belt, wanted to do something for kids locally and teach them something new.

Working with Kent Scheer and Vicki Chepulis of Green Island, the Green Island Art Camp was born.

Last year, they did a trial run for the camp. Ervasti invited some of her former students from Verndale to try it out. It went well and this year it was opened up to everyone. The camp was free to kids, thanks to funding through the Five Wings Arts Council, funded through Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Fund provided by the MN Legacy Amendment.

“The idea was to create a safe space for kids to express themselves,” said Ervasti.

There are kids that are not interested in sports or youth groups. Also, there are not many resources in the area for kids interested in the arts.

“I wanted them to network, build friendships and relationships while making them feel comfortable,” explained Ervasti. . .



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