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Grumpy Old Ganz

You’re Fired!

At some point in your life, whether you have been an employee or an employer, you have probably heard variations of the term “you’re fired”. One way to say it is “we’re letting you go” or another is “here’s your pink slip”. Needless to say, the outcome remains the same!

Over the years, I’ve acquired help from an older gentleman with my projects and tasks. Both of us have a unique way of coping with these tasks differently than others. Most often we jest and use “verbal abuse” toward one another.

One day I was awakened in a not so kind manner and it was hours ahead of our work “start-time”. The older gentleman commented, “We’re burning daylight”. My response, “Is it even light outside?” And the answer was “nope”.

The minute I showed up to dive into a project the sarcasm would begin along with the little digs like “what took you so long?”, “I’m already done” or “you move as fast as a three-toed sloth”.

As the day progressed and I ran out of comebacks throw back at him, the older gentleman knew he had the upper hand and surely took advantage!

We got to the last project of the day when it all finally came to a head. “You’re putting the nail in backwards!” he chuckled. I actually stopped in mid-swing and looked at the nail. I was getting annoyed and responded, “There’s only one way to pound a nail in”. He snickered and said, “Really? I didn’t know that!”

At this point, he had clearly gotten my goat and I angrily said, “You’re fired!” He just laughed as if I was kidding and said, “You can’t fire the free help.” I retorted with, “What part of that was confusing?” He began laughing harder and responded with, “You can’t fire your own Father! My comeback...“ I just did”.

After all these years I give that day to my dad. He got to me and won and he knew it…unfortunately he showed up the next morning for work ready to carry on as usual!



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