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Grumpy Old Ganz

The Jacket

With most jobs, there are usually rules that need to be followed just as parenting also requires rules and guidelines for the well-being of a child.

One of my kids, who I won’t mention by name “to protect the innocent,” had a stubborn streak which intensified after several incidents involving “a jacket”.

On an extremely cold day, I had to pick her up from school. I noticed she came to the car without wearing a jacket so I asked where it was? She said, “In my locker”.

I took advantage of this teaching moment and we discussed the importance of wearing a jacket in such cold weather and the reasons why.

The next morning the bus came and she slipped off to school without a jacket. I picked her up that day and again she had no jacket so I made her go back into the school and get it from her locker. The whole scenario came with an attitude, of course, not a surprise from this girl.

The following morning, before the bus came, I asked her where her jacket was? “In my room”, was her response. I went on to explain, yet again, the importance and necessity of a jacket. And, of course, I was met with resistance!

At this point, it went from being a suggestion to “it’s a rule in our house”. The conversation became a little heated. I won’t repeat what the “unhappy camper” said.

As I sat calmly in the chair listening to her explode in anger, I began laughing, which only made the situation worse.

Finally, there was no more bargaining, I gave her an ultimatum, which forced her to put her jacket on before she headed out the door and she was begrudgingly wearing it every time I picked her up from school.

Time has passed, she has grown up and moved on to college. When I see her now she ALWAYS has a jacket on.

Sometimes “Father Knows Best”…right Payton?!?!


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